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Sentinels: Point of No Return is an epic SciFi adventure about the beginning of the end of human history created by Mike Disa with Chris Judge and Joe Goyette.

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Stargate SG-1, God of War, Stargate Atlantis, Dark Knight, Final Space

Joseph Abrams



Thrilled to announce the music team my old friend multiple Grammy winner Christopher Tin and his associate, the amazing Alex Williamson.

Chris Judge, Mike Disa, Joe Goyette and Mr. Tin last all worked together on Deadspace; Aftermath.

It's great to have the band back together again!



Sentinels: Point of No Return is the audio podcast adaptation of an epic science fiction series developed by Chris Judge (Stargate SG-1, God Of War, Final Space) and Mike Disa (Deadspace: Aftermath, Dante's Inferno, Paradise PD).

By 2546, Earth and the Solar System’s Colonies are owned by seven all-powerful transglobal corporations. For over three hundred years, EarthCorp’s Sentinel Guard has been the interplanetary defense, search and rescue, and corporate law enforcement branch of SysCorp’s Security Forces.


The Colonies are mostly inhabited by Genen corporate employees whose ancestors were genetically modified to withstand the conditions of life off earth. Considered “mutts’ and “genetrash” by most pure-gene earthers, Genens work, live, and die in service to the corporations that own their very DNA; a system of oppression and discrimination that has been policed by exclusively pure-gene Sentinel officers.


Until the Fall of Saturn.


Now the Sentinel Guard must be rebuilt with “mutts” drafted into corporate security forces for the first time. And like the brutal integration of police forces in the Sixties, it won’t be easy. The genen recruits will have to fight their fellow officer’s hatred and racism, the corporations, their own colonies, and themselves to pull the System back from the brink of chaos and collapse.

Sentinels is serious adult drama that deals with mature themes but in the way science fiction does best; rip roaring space adventure with bold memorable characters.

This podcast was created with the generous help of our many talented friends during the Covid 19 lockdown and recorded from isolation using Zoom. We were blown away by the passion and  intensity these artists brought to the project during difficult times. We know you will be also.

Welcome to the beginning of the end. We're glad to have you along for the ride!

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