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"Sentinels: Point of No Return" is based on the pilot movie for an ongoing series written by Mike Disa and staring Chris Judge (Stargate Sg-1), Alaina Huffman (Supernatural), Nicole Parker (Mad TV) and Peter Woodward (Babylon 5).


"Sentinels: Point of No Return" is the story of how a devastating "alien" invasion forces EarthCorp to reluctantly integrate genetically modified colonist into the traditionally "pure-gene" Sentinel security force. The new "mutt" team's (the crew of the fast response cutter, Phoenix) first assignment is a suicide mission to save a Sentinel officer from the monsters that destroyed Saturn.

Sentinels: The Series is the story of what happens next. 

It's a five year story arc about the struggle of the Phoenix crew to become part of the extremely xenophobic Sentinel forces. Inspired somewhat by the brutality, racism, bravery, and heroism that happened during the integration of the Chicago Police force. 

It's also the tale of the Genen revolt against the colonial governments that have systematically oppressed them for centuries and the brutality of the corporate reaction to the possibility of losing control.

It's the story of Jack's family. What really happened to his father, how that lead to Xeno invasion, and what Jack does when he learns the horrible truth.

It's the story of Abrams. What he saw on the Roanoke, what he knows about the future, and the terrible reason he knows it.

It's about Boom Boom's past as a "terrorist" with FreeMars. What she did during the Mars Riots and how that might cost Boom Boom her family and her future.

It's about the revelation of Walker's relationship with the Blackjackers and the unforgivable measures he will take to hide it.

It's about Six's missing sisters and how their fate is related to the xenotech.


It's about Zen's conflicting devotion to his teammates and the Way which is based on a mathematical model of humanities future and the suppression of that knowledge by the cult of mathematicians that raised him.

It's about P.A.L.'s awakening consciousness and how that threatens the economic structure of the System and what defines "alive" in a machine, or a genen, or a human. 

It's about Krystl learning what friendship and love mean and how that love will break Jup's heart and cost him all he cares about.


It's about the ever darker lengths Admiral Shepard will go to save the Sentinels and wether she'll sacrifice her son to do it.


It's the story of power, those who will lie, cheat, and kill to keep it, what Jack Armstrong and his friends will do to stop them, and the end of Humanity.  

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