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Podcast script

The original script for Sentinels:PNR was written as a series pilot Mike Disa and Chris Judge were about to starting pitching around the wilds of Hollywood at the start of 2020.

After Covid 19 locked everyone down, Mike, Chris, and Joe Goyette decided to do a version of the pilot as a podcast. 

Mike made a few changes to the script and we recorded in March 2020.

We were amazed and a little gratified that while recording a story about institutional racism in a security force, civil unrest, Earther privilege, and corporate greed, current events dealing with exactly those issues exploded around the country

But of course, the reasons we created Sentinels was precisely to deal with those issues, which have been a part of the American experiment since its beginning.  Chris and Mike strongly believe Sci-Fi should be about more than action and soap opera. It should be about who we are, where we're going, and how technology affects us at the deepest levels of our humanity. These issues are incredibly important to acknowledge and deal with.

Because if we don't deal with them now, we'll sure as hell have to deal with them in the future. 

And that's what Sentinels is all about.

Click on any of the script pages below, it will expand into a larger version that you can flip through and read. 

More pages will be added as the series continues. But we may throw in a couple extra now and then in case you like spoilers.

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