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Okay, this has been a long week; lots of good; lot's of crazy; lots of better; but here's where we stand as of Friday. Four full episodes are done and ready to roll out plus two bonus episodes; a prequel and an epilogue.

(Quick note here. The epilogue is pretty powerful stuff and is Chris Judge's favorite part of the whole series. You'll see why.)

All episodes have full SFX and temp score. Great news! Multiple Grammy winner Chris Tin and Alex Williamson are writing an original score we'll update the episodes with as they finish.

So we are good for launch! Just waiting on what I hope will be a big announcement very soon and then... the future beckons.

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Jul 03, 2020

Mike, I took your podcast production class yesterday and it was extremely helpful and informative. I'm excited about converting my own screenplay into podcast form. If it's OK I'll check in with you now and then for advice! I love the first episode! Keep up the great work on Sentinels!!

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