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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

August 18th

Whew. After another in a seemingly endless series of all nighters, the final two episodes of Sentinels: Point of No Return dropped last night. The official finale "Forged Anew" and the up to now secret "Epilogue" that Chris and I are particularly proud of are officially done and out.

That's it. Over four months of constant work, late, nights, records, rerecords, rererecords sound editing, sound design, obsession, pleading, second guesses and... it's done. The original story we set out to tell is finished. The System's history has been laid out, the Fall of Saturn, dramatized, the new Sentinels team forged, the traitor revealed, the mysteries planted, the dark future ahead prophesied.

Whether the story continues, in any form, is in the hands of fate. But the story we meant to tell for now is told. Drop the curtain. Turn off the lights. Take a long walk home over dark and empty streets.

New projects always beckon, but this at least is done. And I hope done well. It exists. And it always shall as long as people stop to hear the tale again.

Such incredible talent. Such generous hearts. Creating art is an extraordinary way to spend a lifetime. I recommend it!

Now what is next for this podcast and how to listen!

The present plan is still for Chris and Alex to continue rescore each episode and those will be released as "remastered" versions when they can. Other work has delayed them a bit so we'll be patient and grateful when the episodes drop.

The YouTube channel will be updated with a few more interviews and remastered episodes as they drop.

A final (?) bonus extra with Charlie Woodward "Jack Armstrong" will drop sometime this week.

The best episode listening order (if you feel a bit bingey) is...

SENTINELS: POINT OF NO RETURN - Episode 0 - Episode 11


The End Begins

Final Full Measure

Everything Goes Straight to Hell

Desperate Measures

Saturn Is Still Burning

Apotheosis of the Dead

First Blood

Falling Stars

Out of the Fire

Forged Anew



Interview with Chris Judge "Major Abrams"

Interview with Alaina Huffman "Admiral Shepard"

Interview with Danielle Bisutti "Six"

Interview with Charlie Woodward "Jack Armstrong"

Interview with "Chris judge and Mike Disa-SDCC"

SENTINELS: REMASTERED with new original score

Ep01 - "The End Begins"

Ep02 - "The Final Full Measure"

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